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Welcome to Pakistan

We are very happy to announce that we are thinking about our country. Not just thinking; we are now going to make our country as well like we make ourself, we make our families.

● First when we think about our life , we make our life ● then we think about our family, we make our family. ● Now we can think about our country. When a person lives his life, he first thinks about himself ;what he can do better in his life without hurting anyone. So did we and we did it without hurting anyone with hard work. We had many times when we could have achieved anything earlier but all that was a lie and scam. But ● We put our focus on hard work. ● We made our and our family dreams come true. I don’t have that many big dreams. Never. I have small dreams like having a small house, wife, children and car. And a job or small business. I always had small dreams but by seeing the situation of Pakistan, this world news; I felt jealous of the world. We’ll take small steps for our country. We don’t have any political background but when we watch T.V. Everyone in the world watches it. Then we think what we can do for our country? Because we feel that we can do everything only for ourselves, our family, and for our life but not for our country . So those people who are doing something for our country, those who always quarrel and argue with one another always. All of them are rich like when you see other parties like Nawaz Sharif’s party, his father was very rich. He made a political party and now they are in power. We can see People party; they are also like that. There are many other examples like that. I think they never face any problem in their life. Maybe they don’t know about problems. But we know about problems. We had faced many issues. There are small level issues but that causes a huge temperament. Like people don’t even have a roof to live in and I believe that anyone who has a birth in any country. He should have rights to have at least one house in that country from the government because he is also a part of this country and jobs are also very important


The mission of Pakistan Mehnat Party (PMP) is to prioritize and empower the rights and welfare of the working class.


To empower Pakistan through a fair political agenda focused on the rights and well-being of its hardworking citizens.


Asad Arif

Founder / CEO